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Coro d’Italia

       The Coro d’Italia was founded in 1932 by educator Dr. Leonard Covello, and student Elba Farabegoli at the Casa Italia Columbia University.  They researched songs, dances and costuming and performed in the New York Metropolitan Area for nearly seventy years. The ensemble performed at the NYC World’s Fair in 1939, at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, among many other venues. For nearly 70 years the Coro was the voice of Italians in New York city and beyond.  Their repertory includes songs from all regions of Italy Metropolitan opera stars performed regularly with the Coro.

            The Coro d’Italia is acknowledged as the first ensemble dedicated solely to Italian material in America. Cav. Farabegoli Gurzau went on to found IFAFA, Italian Folk Arts Federation of America. Her work has helped to spread Italian traditions throughout America where similar ensembles have been formed, from Massachusetts, to Illinois, from Texas to California.

 In 1994 Gemelli Marylou and Joanna Romano twin sisters joined the Coro.  Due to the demographic and the shift of Italian Americans from the city to the suburbs, Ms.Romano,  moved the Coro from it’s base at the McBurney yon 23rd street to New Jersey. The coro celebrated its’ 75th anniversary with a gala concert in November of 2007.

In addition, it was felt that a children’s program was needed to be added so that Italian American children could know of their true background.  In 1997 the Scuola d’Italia was born, in 2003 the Bambini d’Italia Children’s Ensemble was begun to pass down our unique traditions to the next generation!